Final project

Student Media Meeting:

I attended a student media meeting on April 6th. There were six people there including myself. Shade, Delaney, and another female student were there. Rhiannon from Sidelines was also there. And there was also a male professor there, but I don’t remember his name. But he also works with WMOT and MT10.

The meeting consisted of a rundown of recent news stories in Tennessee. The news stories ranged from hard news to celebrity news.

Some of the stories included: The outcome of the storms the night before that left 130 homes with no power. Missing teen from Columbia, Tennessee, Elizabeth Thomas’ father did a local interview calling Tad Cummins a liar. Laws about adding seat belts to school buses after a school bus accident killing six children, but that would cost millions in tax dollars. Chris Stapleton will also be releasing two albums this year. There is also a study out there stating that Tennessee is the most stressed out state.

This meeting was a good experience and I learned a lot from it. I didn’t know about some of the things going on. I also feel like this would be how workdays would start at a newspaper, new station and radio station.

I submitted this story to Sidelines:

How MTSU fights against human trafficking

By: Altima Sisavad

Human trafficking is an international problem, but how is MTSU lending a helping hand to stop this heinous crime.

MTSU is educating and raising awareness about human trafficking right on campus.

Human trafficking affects millions of women, men and children all over the world including the United States.

Human trafficking is known as modern day slavery. It is the recruitment, transfer, harboring or receiving a person involving the use of force, fraud or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act.

One major way that MTSU is helping to fight against human trafficking is by offering a global studies course over human trafficking.

Dr. Chaney is the professor of the human trafficking course.

“This course is very important to humanity and students need to know about this,” said Chaney.

Tristan Vogel is a junior at MTSU and is currently in Dr. Chaney’s class.

“I know what human trafficking is, but it’s a subject that people don’t like to talk about and I think that is the reason why this class is so important.,” said Vogel.

The human trafficking course teaches students about what is happening all around the world and in Tennessee.

This course educates students in many different ways. Students have listened to lectures and watched documentaries over human trafficking. There also have been many guest speakers to talk to the class including advocates for human trafficking and non-profit organizations against human trafficking.

“We’ve been learning from these guest on how we can contribute on any level.”

The class also visited the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to learn about how involved Tennessee is with human trafficking.

“This class has opened my eyes on to how much of it goes on in the U.S. and in Nashville itself.”

The human trafficking course also teaches about the people involved in human trafficking from the victims, to the traffickers, to the buyers and to the people that help the victims.

“I’ve always wanted to help fight this problem and this class has taught me so many different ways how to.”

An anti-human trafficking event called Eradicate Human Trafficking is another way MTSU is educating the campus. MTSU held the event on April 4, 2017 to raise awareness about the sensitive subject.

C.C. Graves was in charge of the event. She is also a MTSU graduate student and fights very strongly against human trafficking.

“This event is to raise awareness in two different ways. One is to raise awareness about human trafficking in Middle Tennessee. The second thing is to raise awareness about the agencies that are out here combating this issue,” said Graves.

Eradicate Human Trafficking had several organizations that were there that all help in preventing human trafficking.

“These are the people that are out here doing the hard work to help these victims get out of the life that they are coerced to be in.”

All these different organizations help stop human trafficking in different ways and some help all around the world.

Some organizations that were at the event were Freedom’s Promise, a representative with Bob Corker, The Hope Line, Free For Life, Rescue 1 Global, End Slavery Tennessee and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Freedom’s Promise helps to prevent human trafficking in Cambodia and their headquarters is located in Nashville.

Rachel Lee is the field assistant for Senator Bob Corker. She informed visitors about Corker’s bill to end modern slavery. There is also the hashtag #EndSlaveryAct to promote the bill.

End Slavery Tennessee’s mission is to promote healing of human trafficking survivors and strategically confront slavery in our state. In Tennessee there are about 94 minors trafficked every month.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation were there informing visitors about what you can do if you feel like someone is being trafficked. There are many different ways to help victims.

Even though human trafficking seems like a global problem and feels so far away from MTSU, it does affect the campus.

“Human trafficking affects MTSU in a way that there is such a large number and a diverse group of people here, so you would want to utilize this to help get that word out and to educate people about what is going on.”

Graves has been personally affected by human trafficking and has many reasons to fight against it.

“It means so much to me personally, my daughter at one point was being profiled by a pedophile and that started the emotional search for me to seek out more and then when I took the human trafficking class under Dr. Chaney last summer that just sealed the deal for me.”

It’s a very scary thought that human trafficking can be happening anywhere.

“This is one of the largest universities in Tennessee, so we want to let people know that MTSU is for this mission and we want to see this issue dealt with.”

MTSU won’t be backing down from the fight against human trafficking anytime soon.

10 Errors in Sidelines:

  1. In this cartoon, it says “Wanna buy a movie” when it should be “Want to buy a movie.”
  2. In this story, it says “an MTSU graduate student” when it should be “a MTSU graduate student.”
  3. In this story, it lists Darryl Randolph’s position as a safety, but on the roster his position is listed as the cornerback.
  4. Also in this story, it lists Justin Akins as a football player, but his name is not listed on the roster.
  5. In this story, it says “two longtime members” when it should be “two long time members.”
  6. In this story, it uses the word ab-libs  when it should be ad-libs.
  7. In this story, it starts out with: A flourish of music. Dynamic framing. Intense lighting. Slow motion. These are all elements of an emotionally charged, exciting movie moment. I would change this first sentence into A flourish of music, dynamic framing, intense lighting and slow motion– These are all elements of an emotionally charged, exciting movie moment.
  8. In this story, the picture credits say (SIdelines/ Wesley McKintyre) when it should be (Sidelines/ Wesley McKintyre.)
  9. In this story, it uses the word “fan-favorite” when it should be fan favorite.
  10. In this story, it says “top 3 for this album” when it should be top three for this album.

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